Wow. Quite a break.

Without particularly planning to, I seem to have neglected this blog for several months, the last post having been written way back in August.  Blame a shift in focus towards working on larger writing projects designed more for publication or production, rather than being posted online, for the long absence.  But I thought it was time I got back to some feature writing to vary things up.  I have to say, I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed doing things like reviews, so hopefully the rediscovery of that pleasure will motivate me to keep at it from now on.  As satisfying as it is to complete long-form projects like novels or plays, there’s every possibility that those won’t be seen by anyone except me for quite a while, so I think it’s healthy to get some writing back up onto blogs and social media (writing more substantial, that is, than ranting Facebook political posts).  In any case, for any poor saps who may have been following my posts regularly and were disappointed by their disappearance, I will do my best not to take such a long pause again.

So, with that out of the way, my first ‘return’ post will be a retrospective (promised way back in my ‘Merlin’ review) of the other contender for my favourite TV show of all time, ‘Smallville’.  Happy reading.


Christopher Moore





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